It fills me, this unbound love, and I dance with pure joy.  You watch me dance, through flowered fields of dandelions and under sapphire skies.  I've always loved dandelions and so you fill this waving green grass with them, their bright yellow lights leading me on in this miracle dance and laughter that touches my lips.  I have nothing to be joyful about, my life is as hard as the person's beside me.  But somehow, your touch, your voice, your smile, sets butterflies dancing in my heart and I fall to my knees, laughing.

            You love me.  Those three simple words keep me strong, bring tears to my eyes.  You love me.  Now and forever, you loved me before I was born, loved me when I took my first steps, and will love me when I fade and finally fall.  You've loved me through time, through distance, through every trial I have ever faced.  I cannot understand this love, it is too all-encompassing, it is too perfect.  I know that it fills my heart, makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time, fills me until I believe my mortal shell cannot survive.

            You loved me through pain and my bitter curses when I could not see your face.  I ran from you again and again and you just stood there, holding out a hand as I lashed out with angry words, accusing you of what you never did and flinging my heart to the winds.  But your love is a jealous kind and I could not run forever.  I could not run fast enough, could not fling my affections to enough things.  I tried everything, hate, bitterness, loathing, and yet your hand remained forever extended.  And reluctantly, I met your gaze.  And your eyes yet danced and spoke those three simple words: I love you.  And slowly I took your hand, seeing the truth, the hope, and you raised me to my feet.  I am glad you are a jealous lover, that you could not stand for me to love any but you.  For your love is so much more than what the transient emotions of this world gave me.

            So now I dance in fields of dandelions that will never die.  I don't understand how or why and I do not think I will ever understand.  You know me, through and through, all my imperfections and my petty grievances.  And yet, somehow, you do not care.  You put the sunlight in my eyes and the song on my lips.  How much I must be worth to you, that you would devote so much joy and effort on my part!  What did you see in me that made me so important to you?  I have nothing to lay before you, nothing spectacular about me.  But yet you do not seem to care and guard my heart with a passion born of timelessness.  And I can only lay before your feet and give my love once more, closing my eyes and resting safe in your tender gaze.  You love me.  And that's all I'll ever need.