Frayed wires, poking out of my body.
Hanging sadly above you all.
Freakshow emptiness.
I'm crying out..
Suspended above you all.
Can you feel my tears pour down?
Ignored am I, the hanging one.
Wires binding me tight.
Not moving, only crying.
Stripped of everything.
Constant blank stare.
I'm not watching anyone.
I'm only crying.
Barely breathing.
With my never changing self.
Can you feel my tears?
Frayed wires binding my arms to metal.
It's cold, and still, my gaze remains.
My legs, everything, bound to the ceiling.
I'm just waiting to be let down finally.
I'm still crying, someone pay attention.
Blank gaze, into nothingness.
I tilt my head a little bit,
And look off to the doorway.
A child comes into the cell,
And looks up for a moment.
She points, and smiles,
It feels nice to be seen..
It feels good to be noticed for once..
Even if it's just for a second..