Hi Jimmy darling.
What do you think today?
Are the wrongs of the world?
Going your way.

Hi Jimmy darling.
Who have you hurt today?
What innocent soul,
Has eyed you the wrong way?

Hi Jimmy darling.
How is your mother today?
Is she still in the institute?
Trying to wipe the pain away.

Hi Jimmy darling.
What do you plan today?
What nasty bullying,
To you still offer to pay.

Hi Jimmy darling.
Why must you hurt us all?
Just because you're crying inside,
Why make us all appalled?

Goodbye Jimmy darling.
I wish I could have known,
All the hurt you put us through,
Was it just your sign to show?

Adieu Jimmy darling.
You hurt more than us,
Now your wicked ways are gone,
We have no freedom to lust.

Adios Jimmy darling.
You've been the one to pay,
I'm sorry we couldn't help,
But we were too afraid.

Ciao Jimmy darling.
I wished we could be friends,
Your eyes shant ever see the light,
It's you who's lain to rest.

By Siobhan
Date: 6 January 2004