My Fellow Crazyman
By:Andrew Troy Keller

His name is Neal Adams,an artist of many comic books
Who had--while working at DC--took
Green Lantern,Green Arrow and the Batman
Into a new era in which they want to do more than they can
Do--and his artwork is indeed worth a look.

And so,in quite a pleasent way,
I for one would really like to say
To the man with all the artistic tricks,
Who was born on January Six,
1941 that I want to wish him a Happy Birthday.

For as you might notice,Neal Adams is really not a dope,
Because he had became one of those who had given hope
To many of us who also buy his Continuity comic books
And had allowed ourselves to take a look
At a chracter named Knighthawk,who was able to fly without a rope.

And then,there are characters like the Toyboy,
A hero who uses his toys
To save his father
From any and all forms of danger.
Now,that's a son who could bring his dad instant joy.

Of course,if you were to ask me,I can
Honestly tell you that both DC's Superman
And Continuity's Megalith are my favorite
Superheroes,because they're able to fight
For truth,justice and ways that are American.

Speaking of Superman,
One of my favorite covers that were drawn by Neal Adams
Was a cover of Superman issue number 215,
In which both Superman and Lois Lane were seen
As married and with a daughter as strong as her old man.

Oh,I almost forgot,that if it weren't for a wonderful guy like
Neal Adams,no one would be able to give a guy named Mike
Klinger a break in the comic book business.
And of course,even though I happen to look like Elliot Ness,
I was also able to draw what superheroes should really look like.

At first,I've done characters who were to fight without a care
In the world.Then,I was also able to do some issues of Bucky O'Hare,
Which had became one of the most rewarding tasks of my life.
And who knows?Maybe I will take a wife
Someday--and she'll be someone for who I would really care.

In the meantime,I really do want to say to my fellow Crazyman,
"Hey,Neal!Happy Birthday to you,m'man!"
Oh,one more thing,
Neal.What I'm also saying
Is that I'm glad that I'm not working for Stan 'The Man'.

So,Happy Birthday to Neal Adams,the artist of many tricks
And the creator of Ms. Mystic
And many of the other
Continuity superheroes who had came after her.
Happy Birthday to Neal Adams,'Mr. Slick'.