Death of a Wizard

In the dark, in the cold, the wizards faced each-other. "Finally," Indigo hissed, "we meet. So your honour yet lives, behind your walls of protection. Your fear is not unreasonable, Queen."
"I, afraid of you?" Bird surveyed her foe with disdain. "I cannot meet every upstart challenger immediately, I would not have time to govern. You are powerful, Indigo. Turn your magic to my service, not to your own destruction. And surely, if you fight me, destruction is all you will gain."
Indigo stepped forward angrily, and wispered, "I will match you power for power, Bird. You are old, your time done!" They stood almost touching, staring through the night at each-other. Neither raised her arms to begin the battle.
"Forget this foolish ambition now," Bird said softly, "and I will let you live."
With a hiss of rage Indigo plunged a hidden blade into her Queen. Bird looked down in horror at her own emerald-hilted dagger, and crumpled to the ground. "You speak of honour!" she cried, and Indigo leaped back and raised her arms in defense against the wizard's lightning bolt.
"Do you really suppose I cannot avert the vengance of the dying?" She laughed a voiceless, throaty laugh, and stared down at at her enemy. "Suicide, my queen? Were you really so cowardly? Who would have supposed? And yet there you lie, your own knife bearing testament to your fear! So sad an end to so powerful a ruler." She laughed again, and turned, robe swirling around her.