Replacing the Old Gods

I'm the new false god
to be idolized
to have my face plastered
all over the world
my whole life scrutinized
picked at with a fine toothed comb
skelatons in my closet
getting to see the light of day

I'm replacing the old gods
my 5 minutes fame
I'll stretch out as long as gone
savoring every second
and never getting out of light
till all this rage is gone.

I'm selling my soul
just to make this album
but who really cares?
just another idol
that thinks he's an artist
gonna make a few bucks
hocking everything I have
t-shirts to cock rings
hey it's hollywood


gonna make sure
I'll give VH1 a great story
so when it's all over
people will sympathize
and maybe realize
I suffer this tortured life
and I'm an original
in a sea of cookie cutters.