Can i ever have you?

I look into your eyes
and see the pain
that plagues me
you and I are one in the same
from a world that chose
to make us social outcasts
cuz we're not one of
the beautiful people

Can I ever have you?
To share this life with?
Or do you think I'm just
some horny freak
who talks out of his ass?

I'm a lost cause
but I know I can save you
make your life better
perhaps give me redemption
for past sins I did
and make it so I can actually
go to sleep thinking I did some good


I want you to be the one
who reads my epilogue
so at least the truth
is out in the open
and maybe for once
every one will understand
why I did what I did
said what I said
and even forgive me
for my indiscertions