Hello! Here is my second poem and I hope you like it. It won this contest thing and it was published in that 'Celebration of Poets' book (which I don't own). Ja ne and please review! *Shiroi Hikari*

Ocean Senses

I hear the ocean washing up on the beach, slapping against the rocks.

I hear seagulls squawking for food.

I hear a boat off in the distance.

I hear children laughing as they run along the shoreline.

I hear the wind climbing up the rocks we sit upon.

I hear a fish flop in the far off distance.

I hear a steamboat carrying happy passengers to their destinations.

I hear my dog panting beside me in this hot weather.

I hear cars honking in the distance behind me.

I smell the sweet, salty air as it blows through my hair.

I hear a whale calling for his mate.

I hear dolphins playing in the water.

I see a jet ski skimming the water as if it floats on air.

I see surfers riding huge waves.

I hear seals bellowing on a far off island, somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

I see parents bringing their children for an early morning swim.

I smell a barbeque off along the beach.

I hear gulls warnings as they spot a shark that lurks beneath the ocean currents.

Silently he stalks his prey, sneaking closer and closer.

Until finally he snaps his mouth shut on an unsuspecting bird.

Now I hear thunder rolling in the distance.

I see lighting flash as the storm comes closer.

I feel small raindrops as they fall upon my head.

Soon the wind picks up and it is time for us to leave.

But we will come another day, my dog and I.

When the seas calm down to their nice, rolling selves.