Chapter 1

The door swung open, and the cold breeze blew through the room stinging my warm flesh with the needles of the winter air. My head snapped to attention to face the door. I could feel the snap as my jaw dropped, and my eyes stared blankly and piercingly at the figure that now stood tall in my door. All I could see was a silhouette against the suns bright glare off the snowy backdrop that surrounded my cabin, but I knew enough to know it was him. I knew enough to know what he was here for, and enough to know what he wanted.
I don't know how he found. But more importantly I didn't care at this point. He was here and that was the bottom line. No logistics and no explanations were going to change that cold inevitable fact. He had found me. He had tracked me down somehow, and now he stood at my door, without movement, and without voice. My head screamed for me to run, but at the same time my legs were frozen here, paralyzed by the fact that no amount of running would save me this time. Even if my legs would have allowed me to move I wouldn't have been able to outrun him. And suppose by some off chance or a miracle I did, it would only end right back here in the same kind of scene.
My mind raced as a million different thoughts beat through my brain. I scrambled to find something to say... anything to say, hoping that it would sound unafraid, or even threatening. "I know why you are here." I spoke calmly and confidently. It surprised me just how well I managed to speak under such conditions. "You are here for me. So come on and get me." It was almost scary how much power I spoke with. It almost made me scared of myself, scared of what I might try next.
And yet the figure stood there still. He didn't move, just stood keeping his presence known. He knew I was scared. No matter how I managed to speak, or how confident I managed to appear, he could smell the fear rising in my tired body. And so he stood there silently, letting me stir in my thoughts, and letting the fear fester within, until it manifested a quelling hatred for this man. More hatred than before. I hated him because he was so clever, and because he knew deep down what I was trying to do.
Finally he started to lurch forward. As his steps echoed within the quiet cabin, my body began to shiver. His steps almost in beat with thumping in my chest. Finally the door clang shut, and all was dark, as my eyes attempted to adjust to the sudden darkness in the small cabin. My eyes strained to find his figure amidst the darkness, yet it was to no avail. I could feel his eyes baring into my soul. And in all the shadow, all I could think to do was the one thing I didn't want to.
And so I stood with all the energy and strength in me, and I stepped forward slowly, as I gripped the metal blade that had lain on the table before me. I was startled by my own actions. I had never viewed myself as a weak being, but neither had I ever viewed myself as this strong or courageous before. And as I continued to step forward, my footsteps trembling through the creaking floorboard of the old rotten cabin, I became more confident with every step I took, until at last I felt like a glowing hot ball of rage, ready to explode in pure wrath. And with a sudden twitch, it was like a light switch was flicked on, as my vision suddenly flashed back into my strained eyes. And there he was lurking quickly toward my ready body. And with an act of pure madness I lunged forward, blade protruding out sharply in front of my flying figure. Like the end to an epic battle with two men colliding with only an ounce of hope that fate would determine him the victor. And soon there was no more than a matter of inches between our shadowy figures, and I knew within my mind that one way or another the battle was about to end.