I took all my memories of you
And threw them out the door
On the floor
Stomped them out
And laughed at your picture
On the wall
Swept up the remnants
Of this forgotten relationship
Like old dried up christmas needles
They stung just as those needles did

Tossed them in a 5 gallon bucket
And doused it all in gasoline
Struck a match
And watched the blaze

You don't know the hurt you caused
Or the healing this has given me
We'll never be friends again
We'll never have that connection
But even if you don't know...
It doesn't matter anyways
Because I've severed these bonds
And I'm free from the chains again...

I think those emotions were a farce
And we were living one great lie
You're headed for heartbreak
And once I would have warned you away
But now I don't care
All that was lost in the flame

I watched your face bubble
Turn black then fade away
And how I loved that lovely flame

Our memories have burned
For the very last time
And I find I smile again

Look at those lovely black marks
At those lovely black scars
Those beautiful sooty remains
And that pile of white ash...
That's our life
Our memories
That's all it really was underneath all the lies
That's more beautiful than you knew
Than all the paint on the top
This ugliness...
Is so very beautiful
In a frighteningly
Honest way