We can't take back those steps we've taken
Can't undo the things we've done
Can't put band aids over everything
And baby, can't make it all okay

You'd be the first to put your hand out
And try to call a truce
But, boy, you don't know
That you're just too late

The door's been closed and lock's rusted up
Key's gone and lost and know nuthin now
You dropped your torch and burned your bridge
Baby, looks like you stuck now

Don't you get the picture?
Stupid lil chile...
Idon't wanna be with you
Don'wanna talk to you

You can't unrun that river wild
Can't take back those miles on the car
Can't unburn that house that went
Down in one big ole flame...

Can't bring back that money spent
Nor uneat all that waste.
Boy, you think you've got one more chance
But you crawling to the wrong one

Those fortune cookies are empty, baby
And that hat is empty of names
The lottery's full of blank balls
And you're all out of mercy from me

this turned out a lot weirder than i thought it would