Backboard Dodgeball
Notes: This is about a fantasy I had while not learning at school. It is about the people at my school, but the names and places have been changed for obvious reasons. Enjoy! ^-^ (P.S. Danielle is alternate me)

Backboard Dodgeball Part 1

Danielle walked down the dimly lit hallways, pushing her way past a group of obnoxious ninth graders. She sighed heavily as she saw the group of giggling girls that regularly blocked her locker.
She walked down to the vending machine, and was searching her pockets for some change when she saw her friend Jessica kicking her locker in a vain attempt to get it to open.
"You stupid locker!" she hollered, giving it one more savage kick before spotting Danielle.
"Hey," she called as Danielle neared.
"Hi," Danielle said. "Those girls are always near my locker."
"Then tell them to move," Jessica said distractedly, twiddling with the combination of her lock once more.
"I can't, I'm too nice," said Danielle, looking at the floor.
"Just a sec," Jessica said, giving her lock a final twirl. It popped open and she gave a shout of triumph, raising her fists in the air. "Now, about those girls."
She walked over to the nearest one, took a deep breathe, then shouted, "Hey! Stupid people! GET LOST!!"
The girls looked at her for a second, then scattered, like the cockroaches that they were.
"Thanks," Danielle said, walking up to her locker and fiddling with the lock, then easily pulling it open.
"No prob," Jessica replied.
"What do we have first?" Danielle asked, peering into Jessica's messy locker and smiling as she saw the adorable TV DiscoDuck that adorned her locker.
"Gym," Jessica said, looking glum.
"Oh no!" Danielle groaned.
"Are you gonna change into your gym clothes today?" Jessica asked as they walked towards the gym.
"Nah," Danielle replied.
"Good! I'm faking sick today, so I won't be sitting out alone!" Jessica said, smiling.
They walked into the cold gym and sat down on the white bench that was pushed up against one wall, talking about how snotty the gym teacher was, and how they would get out of detention today.
The rest of the class filed in about 5 min after they had gotten there. They were all talking loudly and laughing at Trent's stupid jokes.
"Okay everyone, shut up now!" the scrawny gym teacher snapped, fighting to make herself heard over the babbling.
Eventually, (10 min later) the class quieted down and the teacher explained what they were gonna do that day.
"Today, we are going to play Backboard Dodgeball," she said in an irritated voice. The whole class knew she would rather be making out with her weasel of a boyfriend right now, which is why they always used extra effort to annoy her.
"Yeah!" the class cheered.
The game began. Within 4 min, almost half the class was sitting on the white 'OUT' bench with Jessica and Danielle.
"They suck," Jessica said, watching another 3 people get tagged out.
"Oh yeah," Danielle said, looking at the pitiful athletes.
Suddenly, there was a large cracking sound from above the benched students.
"Ahhhh!" Karelin screamed as she scampered form the bench and smack dab into the wall.
She was the first who realized. Everyone else knew too late.

A large metal beam with several huge light fixtures hanging off of it fell on the group of students, crushing some so severely that they were unrecognizable.
Heather was brutally beheaded, her head found 10 feet away from her body, the only recognizable part of her.
Danielle had glass shards the size and width of her arm sticking out of her head and back, and Jessica had been crushed in such a way that her spinal cord had gone straight up through her skull and out the other side.
Karelin, though she had not been crushed, had run into the concrete wall so hard, that the force of the impact had cracked her skull. She was now laying on the ground with a large dark pool spreading from her head and mixing with the liquid that was steadily flowing from the twisted mass of metal and bodies.
The people across the gymnasium were staring, refusing to believe what had just happened.

To Be Continued...

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