The Mirror's Curse

By:Andrew Troy Keller

At first glance,each and every student on Gabrielle Rodriguez's Berea High School girls varsity basketball team would only consider her to be an ugly duckling and nothing more.

But that was before her class had gone on a field trip to an antique mall,where she had suddenly stumbled on to a turn of the century mirror--and when she had looked into the mirror,she was shocked to discover that her reflection has instantly changed from an ugly duckling to a girl that the others would consider as a beautiful swan.

"Do you really wish to be like this,instead of ugly?",asked the voice from within the mirror."Is that what you want?"

And after she had looked at her friends and realized that she would rather have their respect and not their insults,Gabrielle had looked back at the mirror,took a deep breath and said,"Yes.I do want to be beautiful.I don't want to be ugly anymore."

"Then,close your eyes,fair maiden.",said the mirror."And soon,you shall be changed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan."

And so,after she had closed her eyes,the eyes on the face on top of the mirror's frame had began to glow and zap their light beams at Gabrielle.

And then,after the light has disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared,the mirror's voice said,"Now you may open your eyes."

But as soon as she had opened her eyes and saw herself inside some sort of nightmare world,a voice had said,"Thank you,fair maiden.You had released me from my imprisonment.Now I shall enjoy the pleasures of your realm,while you have no choice,but to become the mirror's voice!"

And when she had looked at the mirror and saw her beautiful swan reflection waving 'bye-bye' to her and walking out of the building with her friends,Poor Gabrielle had no other choice,but to scream her head off,for she has suddenly been duped into accepting the mirror's curse.

The moral of this story:Be happy just being yourself.