Fluttering Snow

By Crystal Snowflakes

Author's Notes: I haven't written a poem forever... And I got a new boyfriend and kinda missing him... Then it's snowing here... So beautiful. But anyhow, I hope you all enjoy it and I'm rusty with poems, so I hope you don't mind!

I stare out unmindful,
My hands cool.
I suddenly realize the cold,
Around me I wrap a shawl.

As the snow flutters down,
A smile replaces my frown.
My eyes glaze over,
And my visions blur...

I wish you were here,
So I could be near.
Right in your embrace,
Near the warm fireplace.

I feel so secure,
Whenever we're together.
I feel so loved,
When I'm being hugged.

The memorable kisses,
The childish teases,
Cuddling beneath a blanket...
Things I never want to forget.

I count to the day,
Till we'll be away
From one another.
Wondering what will occur.

I felt suddenly warmer,
Because there you were.
Your name was blinking,
My cell phone was ringing.