This story is a supernatural-thriller. There may be violence, adult language and possibly adult content. Reader discretion is advised. All those who are not of a mature age should be advised against reading this until they are ready.


By: Lacrea Moonlight


The mist seemed to rise all around her. It shifted and drifted as if it were alive, as if it had a mind of its own and that disturbed her more than anything at the moment. It was so cold, this mist, that Jessica could have sworn she felt it in her very bones. She hoped to god that this dream- if indeed it were a dream- would end.

Movement in the mist drew her attention. The ever-thickening fog surrounding her hid whatever was there with her. Suddenly Jessica felt more alone than she had ever been. Some unseen force that hid in the darkness surrounded her and was suffocating her. The area around her was so bleak and unremarkable; no grass, no houses, no trees, nothing. It was all just emptiness.

An unexpected gasp filled the air along with the sound of something dragging slowly startled her. Jessica stood stock-still. Someone or something was here with her! She only hoped it was peaceful and harmless. Another breath and that sickening, achingly slow dragging noise. It was maddening. Her heart sped and she could hear the furiously pounding blood in her ears. Adrenaline rushed through her body, anticipating what she would face. Her imagination ran away with ideas and possibilities.

The mist began to part before her and it revealed... a girl. The girl could have been no older than seventeen years; long reddish-brown hair that hung limply around her pale skinned face. Her brown eyes were dull and lifeless, sinking into her skull. As she approached, she struggled for breath; each one sounded hoarse and scratchy. She dragged her injured right leg behind her. The girl's lips were parted slightly as she limped and dragged her way over, a small dribble of saliva slowly trekked down her chin.

Jessica almost called over to her but hesitated. She felt badly for the girl's predicament, but she felt the best way was to play this whole thing safe rather than sorry. As the girl got closer and the mist parted somewhat, Jessica saw she wore all black: flowing dress-pants, dress spaghetti-strap shirt, long dressy over-shirt that reached her ankles and boots. The odd thing, Jessica noticed, was that it all seemed to hang off of her body and flow around her like she was too small to wear them. She slowly walked over to the girl whom kept struggling her way over in her direction.

"Are you all right? Are you hurt? Is something wrong?" she questioned the girl softly as she laid her hands on the girl's shoulders. The girl leaned against Jessica and made a soft mewing sound before she pulled away and smiled. Jessica's jaw fell wide open and her face contorted in terror as she moved away from the girl. The girl who had a smile filled with razor-sharp, needle-thin teeth.

She never even got to scream. She wasn't that fast.