Poor Man's Pocket

Walking down King Street,

In the 'best' city to be.

I wanted to cry,

When I saw the homeless surrounding me.

A boy of maybe 14,

Begging for money from the rich.

I couldn't find anything to give,

It made me feel like a spoiled bitch.

People sleeping over the vents,

Trying desperately to keep warm.

While I slept away in my hotel,

Sheltered from the winter storm.

At dinner that night,

I only ate half my meal.

The rest they threw out,

To me it seemed unreal.

Those people on the street were starving,

While we were wasting food.

Not only does it seem heartless,

It makes mankind look rude.

It made me realize what I take for granted,

How I squander so many things.

This story just goes to show,

The selfishness this world brings.