Reality vs the Dream

The red pill or the blue pill?

Reality or a dream?

Would you be able to decide,

When confronted by this choice?

Seeing isn't believing,

Believing is seeing.

So which is the dream

And which is reality?

For if you see the dream,

You don't necessarily believe it's reality.

But if you believe the dream,

You see it as reality.

But what is reality?

If reality is merely what can be seen or touched,

Then the dream is in fact reality.

For in a dream,

You touch and feel,

The way you would when you're awake.

Your subconscious mind makes it normal,

You believe what you are seeing is fact.

You wake up from the dream,

To the world that is awake.

But are you sure you're waking to reality?

Are you sure reality even exists?