Thanks to the following for commenting on my other poems and assuring me that I'm not

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Note: To put it simply if you're the kind of person who hates violence and gore please don't read further (translation: DARE YA TA READ! Muhuhahaha!)

Take a sword into your hands, glinting silver and cherry jewels

Face those demons, the ones that haunt you day and night, never leaving

They grin, scarlet entities of evil and despair, stand your ground, do not run

Lunge for them, cry out for blood, strike hard and swift, and relentlessly

Hear that? They scream, scream in pain, so sweet, bittersweet pain

You spill their blood, red shadows on the obsidian floor, like the cosmos are bleeding

Strike through their ivory bones, listen to that satisfying crack, as the fragments fall

Slash through their tendons, inwards and up, into their black and empty hearts

The squelching of their muscles as you drive in deeper, their panting and gasps of pain

Such sickly-sweet sounds, yet so fulfilling, smile, smirk at their pain, at their agony

Pull out the blade, slowly, excruciatingly long-drawn-out, watch their eyes bulge in torture

Force it in once more, through their backs, take it out, hack at another, wonderful anguish

Strike in all fury, let the rage consume you, a fiery dragon, relentless in it's wrath,

Laugh as you make them bleed, slice them through, watch them fall, color the ground

Red, all over nothing but the enjoyable coat of crimson, blood and gore

Entrails lay at your feet, stare into their empty eyes, watch in horror as they rise again

Slowly emerging, reforming themselves, they grin once more, at your futile fury

Prepare to strike once more, raise your sword, yell in ire, unquenchable bloodlust

Fight, do not give up, whatever it takes you will win, even if you die trying