The loneliness creeps in,
I can see it in her eyes,
She once loved her sweet Jimmy,
But long ago he said goodbye.

The girl runs in her own world,
Barefoot and lightly touches ground,
Don't let your self be pushed,
It's by her running that she's bound.

Every night at midnight,
A mother and daughter shed tears,
If it was not for the father/husband,
They would never know fear.


Sometimes to help others,
You must hurt yourself,
But that's hard for a priest,
When business is getting rough.

Sometimes the simplest things,
Can make you smile,
She is a young mother,
She needs help once in a while.

The insecure bully,
With a home not worth mentioning,
The family is broken,
It's he that needs something.


Sometimes it's the poor people,
Who learn to love so much,
And sometimes it's only a small thing,
Like lights to show your love.

We all go through the same faze,
We don't want to be like our parents,
But sometimes it takes love to hate,
And contradictions are awareness.

When something rotting away,
And there's nothing worth for time.
Give out your heart and hold a hand,
You can make them want to survive.


Sometimes helping friends can be the hardest.
Where do you cross the line?
Where do you leave it?
One thing we know, it always takes time.

We all wish for something,
We all need, care for and love,
What if you had none of this?
What if you needed to care for and love 'want'?

We all save money for different purposes,
What if we never got that purpose?
Is it a waste?
Or is it just a lesson to keep trying?

We all have a love we can't get in life,
And what if we get the chance to keep it?
Even though the other is afraid to love.
Is it still possible?

The Joker

You can help so many,
And feel you get nothing in return,
You need to be asked,
'Are you a dead man now?'

The Folder

Not everything in life is recorded by other's eyes,
You do get the secret moments only known by you and your love,
It's those moments you have to cherish,
'I think this belongs to us.'

By Siobhan
Date: 8/January/2004