Anger. Anger leads you like a bulb away from the socket, Implode upon the concrete. Leaving your mark on history. This hideous scar, it tarnishes this wood. Your tree survives, after the nuclear fire. The fires of the lies hidden by the fire covered by the lies. Cover your children up in bed, ready for the bodybags. The peace of war; The pieces of war. The short, fat, balding man's hideous progeny. Learn from his mistakes, and repeat them when you forget. Silly you, what was that date? Asking would make you inconsiderate. Too close to the truth, I know. Keep it under your hat. What we've got here is a Communication Breakdown, Let Down, shields down. 90%. Probable risk of hideous mutation. There are not ten of me so one can escape! This prisonic embrace. The infinite might of the Universe cannot contain the stupidity of Man. Or of a woman's for that matter. Take note, you border on being disqualification from the Human Race, stepping out of lane. Shit happens, but only in threes. Green bottles hanging on the wall. Another brick. Another generation. Making all the difference to the last. The last one complaining about the current doing what the they did to their previous. History finished its making so it doesn't make the difference. This instrumental, same as every other. Protect the ears of those already fouled. Fool? but of course.