Life goes on (Song)

Verse 1:
Life isn't made of pure sunshine
There are clouds on the sky too
It rains, it snows
The wind it blows
The mist sets in
It feels like you will never see again
But you will

Life goes on
No matter what happens
Living is like riding a rollercoaster
And you have to hold on tight
Beauty fades, and beauty forms
Nothing here is certain
So everybody better hold on coz
Life goes on

Verse 2:
Life is made from ups and downs
There are bumps along the way
Watch where you're going
Or you will regret your step
But walk without hesitation
Life is nothing if you don't dare try
And even if you fall from your path

Repeat chorus x1

Verse 3:
Ups and downs
Sunshine and clouds
Love and war
Tears and laughter
That's what life's about
Grey is the foremost colour
There are no such things
As black and white

Repeat chorus until fade