Jade Eyes Your dark jade eyes that cease to smile Give me one more haunting gaze

And leave me here, perplexed

Jade eyes that carried joy for a while

What took that light away?

From the eyes that once had me hexed

Icy jade eyes detached from feeling

The soul is gone from them

But they remain the same jade eyes

The eyes that once were loving

Shone like an emerald gem

Sharing your appalling lies

Ruthless jade eyes plead

For me to forgive you

My heart races within me

I have no reason or need

I do know that I want to

But you're not truly sorry

I look again at your jade eyes

And remember you've changed

And remember what you said

I once saw past your disguise

And the laughs we exchanged

But returned to you instead

I can't stand your jade eyes

Windows to your mind

To your heartless pretense

I loved those shaded eyes

Only a week behind

A week ago it made sense

Your apologetic stare

Was hard to defy

As my lonely gray eyes met yours

I burned the flowers out there

I tore your notes and said goodbye

To torn paper on the floor

I miss your jade eyes

But they've set me free

To find someone sincere

I'll forget your jade eyes

Find eyes that can see

How to hold someone dear

I'll forget you for now

And move on with my life

My life without you