Rise with the Sunrise (Out of the Ocean With Me)
Dedicated to "Jane Elizabeth"
For it was her poem that inspired this:
"Adolescent Suicide"

Some of us in the vast ocean of humanity
Are trapped in the deepest darkest depths, lost
The world blinds us to our self-luminosity
Uncaring that conforming to its will is too great a cost

The melanomic mainstream media? It you must shun!
Get help whether it is through (side-effect-inflicted) medication
Or through finding the Inner Light through meditation
Perhaps find recognition of a friend's mediation

Nature is crying, can't you hear it in the wind?
The breeze through the desiccated trees moans for us
Its anger at our negligence is a cold slap. Spend
Time to walk through the lot meant for another church or business

I am one in the dark, but I am trying to see the Light
Blocked by shadowy beings not of my own making
The world paints my windows black so I look past the Blight
Oh God, can I complete and train others to see this Waking?

Not that I am anything special, but a being painted in blue
It is not important, you should see, for ME to be the winner
For I am just another average y-gene-infected lost lame loser who
Longs to help others see that there is no such thing as "sinner"

We need a new definition for everything if we are to survive
For example "Sin" is the "Moon Goddess" who cries crystal tears
It is also the prevention, whether of "I" or another, to thrive
We must look past the negative to see the ALL to fight doubts and fears

No! Don't look at me!
It is true I am not THE ONE
NO flames, please no misjudging
I am but a star lost in the glare of the sun.

I dare fight to rise above the crashing waves
Become a bottle this Message to contain
I say nothing not already said in Buddha Muhammad or Jesus' days
Forget the container, it is the Message that's the same

So please, please look past the pain
You have to train yourself to help yourself
I cannot have the words, they are not the same
As those you keep high up on your own shelf.

Reach, reach up so high!
Maybe you need assistance
A ladder or a taller person to lower the sky
Patient pained pursuit of persistence!

You see that we can do it together!
See the truth and light like a bonfire within
Allow the Universe's Energy to join you to ALL's tether
Now sigh, smile, and read this poem again.

"If I claim to be a wise man
It surely means that I don't know."
-- "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas

A/N: I also dedicate this to all of us, confused and in pain
This is only my inner musings. I mean no harm.
I would also like to dedicate this specifically to all those
Who take the time to lessen my loneliness by IM'ing me.
Yours - SotW