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Sitting above the world, she observes silently.

Watching below her with a cratered frown.

With an envious sigh she drifts to sleep,

Dreaming of growing flowers and trees.

Perhaps she will be given light and rain.

To let her grow what her imagination creates.

Instead of the ancient footprints on her skin.

She sees trees and petals in blue and green

For other colors to her are merely myths

And the laughter of children echoes in her ears,

Even though the concepts do not exist in her mind.

Just as she envisions the soft patter of rain,

The light of the sun forces her to wake,

Despite her cries to live in her thoughts

She is forced to comply to the larger being

So she pulls herself from her fantasies,

Tears that she cannot shed streaming.

Wishing that her dreams will come true,

She forces herself to be content with reality.


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