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PHEOBE WAS VERY HAPPY on this particular morning. She danced around her dorm room, singing to the music she blasted on her stereo. Her roommate, Lindsay, came in and shouted, "Turn down the music!"

"What?" Pheobe called. She stopped dancing, and instead continued to fill her bags with clothes. She didn't need to leave for another day, but she was so excited, she had to keep packing.

"I said, turn down the music!" Lindsay repeated, stepping into the area where Pheobe slept and lived. She looked around the room, but Pheobe's stereo was under a sweatshirt, and she couldn't find it.

"Why should I?" Pheobe asked, picking up the sweatshirt and shoving it into her bag. Pheobe had never bothered to fold her clothes, and she wouldn't begin now, even if it meant she'd have to bring seven or eight bags home with her.

Lindsay crossed the room and turned off Pheobe's stereo. "Because the people on the floor below are complaining, and I don't want to have to listen to Caitlyn complaining that she got a bad grade on her semester test because she couldn't study!"

"Fine," Pheobe said. "No more music, but I'm still going to dance." Pheobe proceeded to dance with a pair of pants. She danced poorly on purpose because she knew it drove Lindsay crazy.

"Stop!" Lindsay ordered her, just as Pheobe had known she would. "Why are you so hyper? You're just going home again, you always go home on weekends."

"My brother is coming home for the summer," Pheobe explained. "His work opened a new branch a half- hour from where we live, so he's going to live at home over the summer. I'll get to meet his fiancée, and spend the whole summer with them before they get married and move into an apartment, and I have to come back for the next semester."

"You haven't even met your brother's fiancée yet?" Lindsay asked. "How long have they known each other?"

"Eight months," Pheobe answered promptly. "They met at work, and Sandra travels a lot. Oh, Sandra's the fiancée's name. Shawn was going to send a picture, but it must have gotten lost in the mail or something."

"Sandra and Shawn," Lindsay said. "That's kind of hard to say, isn't it?"

"Anyway, I just have to wait until tomorrow before I can go home," Pheobe said. "I can't wait!"

"I'm going home today, I finished my last class just now," Lindsay said. Of course, Pheobe already knew this, and Lindsay had known that Pheobe would have to stay an extra day even before she'd said anything. They weren't only roommates, they were best friends, and they told each other everything.

"I hate you," Pheobe said. Both Lindsay and Pheobe knew that she didn't really hate her, but that was what their friendship was like. They teased each other and pretended not to know each other in public, but it was all a joke.

"I know you do, but that doesn't matter, because I'm going home before you!" Lindsay said. She started to leave Pheobe's room, but Pheobe threw a slipper at Lindsay, and a pillow fight quickly ensued.

"I'M ALMOST DONE, I just need to do one last thing," Shawn called as he moved a stack of papers from one end of his desk to another. Shawn loved his job at NexTec. NexTec was the leading producer of computer parts in the United States, and the company was so successful it had been expanding for years.

Shawn had worked in Wyoming for two years as a manager of the Customer Service Department. He'd done so well at his job, the heads of NexTec had offered to make him the Head Manager of their newest branch, which was opening in Iowa.

There had been many benefits of accepting the new job. Not only would he make better pay and work shorter hours, he could live closer to his parents, and he'd be in the same state as his sister, so she could visit him more often. Shawn hadn't seen Pheobe since Christmas.

Of course, there had been only one thing to keep Shawn from accepting his job. Several people who worked in the Wyoming division of NexTec were being transferred, but Sandra, the love of his life, wasn't. Shawn had asked Sandra what she'd wanted, and after some conversation, he'd pulled all the strings he could, and now Sandra would work with him.

Now, they could start a new life together. Shawn had a ring packed in his briefcase, and he intended to propose to Sandra as soon as she flew in to Iowa. He was sure she'd say yes.

"Shawn, come on!" Pheobe said. "I can wait and see your office with Mom and Dad, but they're probably waiting for us right now. I'm going to call them."

"You don't need to call, we'll leave really soon," Shawn explained. He had no car in Iowa since he'd flown over, so Pheobe had picked him up from the airport. He'd made her take him to work so he could put some thing in his new office, and ever since then she'd been trying to talk him into going home.

Shawn picked up a picture that was sitting on his desk. It was a picture of him and Sandra together at a party that had been given by the owners of NexTec. It was a beautiful picture, and Shawn felt that by looking at how happy they were together in the picture, even strangers would be able to tell Shawn and Sandra were in love.

"I just need to go one more place," Shawn said, taking the picture and striding into the hall. Pheobe followed, complaining, but Shawn ignored her. He found the office that belonged to Sandra, and put the picture on her desk. On the first day that Sandra would come to work, he would but roses with it.

"Is that Sandra?" Pheobe asked, examining the picture.

"Yeah," Shawn said proudly. In Shawn's humble opinion, Sandra was the most beautiful woman in the world. She had long blonde hair, and icy blue eyes that seemed to see right through a person. Shawn always got the feeling that Sandra was looking right as his soul when she looked at him.

"She's pretty," Pheobe said. "When can I meet her?"

"She flies in on Saturday," Shawn said. "You can meet her then."

Together, the siblings left the building.