The Movie Star And The Paparazzi Photographer

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Ever since I've graduated from Cleveland State University and moved out to Los Angeles,California,I've suddenly found myself turning every trick in order to get the most candid pictures of all of Hollywood's most wonderful stars--and enjoying every minute of it.

My name is Richard Langdon and my introduction into the world of the Paparazzi had begun on the day that I've moved into my new L.A. apartment and--by sheer luck--had spotted one of my favorite actors,Brandon Fraiser walking past a building across the street.

As fast as I could,I was able to get my camera out of the bag,aim it at the building across the street and snap Brandon's photo at the nick of time.

I was also lucky enough to duck back into my apartment,before he had turned towards my window to see who it was who had taken his photo.

Anyway,after I've taken the photo to the Los Angeles Times to sell for some quick cash and the editor had became so impressed with how I was able to get the picture,he was able to give me a job and promise me a little something extra for each TV and/or Movie Star that I get a picture of.

And ever since that first day,I've also been able to get really good top pics of such Stars as Harrison Ford,Carrie Fisher,Mark Hamill and the grandaddy of them all,James Earl Jones.

And even though they had known for certain that a Paparazzi photographer had snapped their photos without their permission,I haven't gotten caught so far.

But that was before the one day that had made me want to give up the life of the Paparazzi--August 9th,1996,which was the release date of the movie entitled 'John Carpenter's Escape From L.A.',which starred Kurt Russell as anti-hero Snake Plissken.

I was able to get myself perched on top of a Fox News mobil unit and ready to snap some really good pics of the stars entering the theater for the movie's USA premiere.

Then suddenly,I've spotted one of the film's Stars--the one named Michelle Forbes--and discovered her to be one of the most beautiful women on this or any other planet Earth.

But then,just as I was about to put down my camera and start to leave the scene with a heavy heart,one of my fellow Paparazzi photographers had appeared in front of a shocked Michelle and started shooting the camera right in her face--even while she was trying so hard to cover it from the camera's lens.

And then,after a couple minutes of having him shove the camera in her face and take her unwanted picture,I've finally realized that enough was enough,jumped down from my perch and ran over to the scene.

And after I've grabbed that pompas jerk by the collar,I've pulled him away from poor Michelle and slugged him one right on the nose.

Then,after I've helped her get back on her feet and was about to ask her if she was alright,a reporter from the TV Newsmagazine,Entertainment Tonight had asked Michelle who I was.

And you know what,she was so appreciative for my having rescued her,that she had wrapped her arms around mine and told the E.T. reporter that I was her date.

And ever since that one day,we've realized that we both have a lot in common and decided that we should be together forever.

And so,after I've told the Las Angeles Times to take their job and shove it,I've moved out of my apartment and moved into Michelle's lovely mansion.

Just then,a few months later,we both had gotten married and Michelle Forbes had also became known as Mrs. Richard Langdon,whose husband had just published a book full of his greatest photographs on January 8th,which of course happens to be Michelle's birthday--as in January 8th,1967.

And so ends the story of the Movie Star and the Paparazzi photographer.

Happy Birthday,Sweetheart.