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Inside These Walls Chapter 1

"You're in good hands with Allstate." The foreign object chimed.

Two bodies in the small room began to stir and one flicked on a light in the room they shared.

"Come on, Leah, get up." The younger and smaller girl ordered.

"Five more minutes, Aud." The other whined.

"Do you want mom to bitch at us again?" The dirty blonde haired, hazel-eyed girl insisted.

The other, light blonde, blue-eyed girl groaned. "No, you win."

The girls were sisters of 14 and 15 years. They moved hurriedly to get ready for school in the pitch black.

It was only six in the morning as the two got up. They didn't have to be out for the school bus for another hour and a half. Sure, they were in high school, but it didn't start until eight in the morning in North Carolina. Quietly, the two teenagers tiptoed into the bathroom, undressed, and got into the shower together. They had taken baths together when they were children, so they didn't feel uncomfortable taking showers together, even at their age.

"Are you an Eskimo, Audrey?" Leah asked.

The other girl had a puzzled look on her face. ". . .No, why?"

"Because," The older girl started as she turned the water temperature down a bit. "It's hotter than hell in here. Just wanted to make sure you weren't an ice cube for some reason."

The younger girl shook her head. "That made no sense to me. It's January and you expect me to take a cold shower?"

"Shut up, you 'tard. You know the boys wouldn't mind it if you did."

With that, the paler of the two slapped the backside of her elder. "They also wouldn't mind that."

"What did ya do that for? You know my ass is the better feminine feature of the two." The elder complained, returning the favor.

Audrey smirked. "Damn right, that's your better feature, you know I've got the attention-grabber."

"Too bad it's disproportional." Leah quipped.

"I can't live with you, but I can't live without you, Leah." Audrey sighed, stepping out of the shower. Leah followed her out of the shower, and they both dried themselves off. They followed by dressing for the first day back to school on the Tuesday after New Years Day.

"Leah, where's my lipstick?" Audrey asked as the two began to beautify themselves at what was now seven in the morning.

"Iunno, Audrey. It is your lipstick." Leah responded.

Audrey just glared at Leah and continued to look for her misplaced lipstick. "Oh here it is." She rang as she walked to the mirror, where Leah already was standing.

"Where was it?" Leah asked.

"Right with all my others."

"You retard."

"Shut up."

The two applied all the makeup necessary for a typical day in military school. Leah was wearing her tight black jeans, and a black shirt with Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh on it saying, "I'm glad you noticed me," across the bosom. Audrey was wearing a black Hard-Rock Café t-shirt with her Bongo blue jeans. Because it wasn't Wednesday, the two didn't have to wear uniforms.

By the time the two girls escaped from the bathroom, their mother was up as well. "Morning, girls." She greeted.

"Mornin', mom." They girls responded.

"Are ya gonna eat something, or are ya gonna have to leave since it's 7:25?" Their mother asked. She was about 5'7'' with long blonde hair and a shapely body, which showed the signs of three separate births.

Audrey slapped Leah on the arm, "See what you did? You held us up again!"

"Audrey Christine," Leah warned. "Remember what happened the last time you ticked me off?"

Audrey looked down. "Sorry." She apologized, remembering the puncture wound from the scissors in her leg.

"I swear it wasn't bleeding that bad. . ." Their mother muttered to herself. "You better get goin' or you're gonna be late."

"Love ya, mom." The girls called as they opened the door.

"Love you, too, girls," She called back. "Remember, be home by five tonight."

"We will," They called, in an almost grudgingly manner."