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"Here we go again." Audrey sighed to herself. "Tina's gonna complain about our curfew, I'm gonna say something to prove her wrong, and she'll end up upset with me for one reason or another."

"5PM," Leah began. "What a load of crap. Just because it got dark early that night, it becomes our curfew. What a bunch of crap."

"Maybe if you didn't do dumb things in the process, or break weekend curfews, we would be in this situation."

Leah's eyes closed in on Audrey's. "What do you mean?" She questioned in an almost warning tone.

"You know what I mean, I don't need to explain." Audrey shot back.

Leah frowned. "You're right, you don't. You're just as guilty as I am."

"But I'm not as bad as you are." Countered Audrey.

"So what, you did, you are, and you will continue." Leah sighed, knowing she was now fighting a losing battle with her younger sister.

"As have, are, and will you." Audrey muttered to herself.

Leah shook her head slowly. "You know I heard that."

Audrey shrugged. "And?"

"And I'd slap you across the face if you weren't blood." Huffed Leah.

"Sucks for you, don't it?" Smiled Audrey sarcastically.

The girls stopped talking and continued to walk towards the bus stop. It was chilly outside, at least for the Carolinas. The weather had called for 17-degree temperatures with 5-10 mile per hour winds from the north.

"God it's cold." Audrey shivered.

Leah nodded. "Yeah it is. Remember when Buddy actually shoveled Aunt Christine and Uncle Todd's lawn in Ohio this Christmas?"

Audrey let out a muffled laugh thinking about their brother. "Oh yeah, the dork."

Buddy was 13 years old, and was taller than Audrey, yet shorter than Leah. He had the same blonde hair as his sisters, but his tone was between the two as well. If some people didn't know better, they'd mistake him for the guy from Mad Magazine.

Buddy seemed to be almost the outcast of the family. He rarely spoke, and when he did, he didn't have much to say. Puberty had hit him, and hit him hard. He quickly had grown out of his clothes from the year prior, and his voice cracked at least once per sentence he actually spoke.

"That reminds me." Leah said as her tone turned serious. "Have you told Donnie that, you know, we're bi?"

Audrey nodded. "Yeah, you know being a freshman I don't talk to anyone, and even if I did talk, the complete, dumb, preps would be worth my time. So I've only told him. What about you?"

"Only him and C.J. and C.J.'s known since you've known. Do you think Donnie got off on the fact?" Leah answered.

Audrey stopped with Leah at the bus stop. "I think he know we were after a while, but after we told him, he didn't act surprised, or said something a typical guy would."

The two were discussing their new "cousin" Donnie. He lived somewhere in New York, but they weren't sure where. He was related but unrelated to them. Their father's brother was his uncle as well as theirs. He was 17 years old and followed the trend with spiky blonde hair. They had met Donnie only once two weeks prior during Christmas at their aunt and uncles house.

"That's what I thought." Leah agreed.

The two aligned themselves as the bus could be seen on the horizon of the road. Their conversation came to a close as the two went their separate paths to their seas on the bus. In school, most people didn't even know that they were sisters. They acted in their own sections of the school, only sharing one class, math. They didn't even sit together in lunch. The bus rolled away as Leah looked out the window as her home passed by.