The Gift of a Glance

I walk forward on my way; my head bowed down, watching my feet move in a slow galumph. "Have I always walked this goofy?" I think, noticing how the insides of my shoes gently brush.

Cars drive past, with their music blasting; the sun shines heavily upon my head. I take a deep breath noticing how calm and cheerful everything seems this day. I didn't know why, but I felt relaxed.

Walking, walking, and walking I went along the path. Nothing to bother me, or occupy my time. Slowly, I glance up. There's a person walking in my direction on the path.

Perhaps enjoying the peacefulness of the day. She looks like she's in her mid 20's. Tall, blond hair and a medium build. Eye color? Too far away to tell.  She's wearing a white tank top and red running shorts. Her shoes look pristine and barely worn.

She seems lost in her own world, not really noticing where her feet are taking her. Her head was down, just like mine had been. She steps over a small branch on the path. A little present from Hurricane Isabel.

The patter of her shoes gets louder as we approach, I quickly dart my eyes to the right, not wanting to appear rude.

I may be a somewhat shy person, but I'm not impolite.

As we meet, I open my mouth to say - 

"Hi." She says with a smile and a wave.

"Hi." I reply with a smile of my own and a nod of my head. 

As the gap between us widens, I turn my head once to get a last look. 

But the lady was already gone.