A/N: See, I promised a happy poem and I came thru.4 ya ^_^ This one's for
Kody. I love you always, and things are getting better. Oh, and if anyone
can come up with another title, im open to it.

What You Are

In your arms I am safe
I'm secure, I am warm
I huddle there often
To hide from the storm

In your eyes I find truth
I find comfort and care
There's understanding within them
That I take in like air

In your kiss I taste love
I taste passion and joy
I go weak in the knees
I can't help but enjoy

In your touch I feel trust
I feel intimacy and calm
A shiver runs through me
From a brush of your palm

In you, I find love
I find imperfect sanity
I find the one that I will
Love eternally