You want to know my name? I don't see why, as soon as you find out what I am, you won't care what my name is, you'll only see through the blurred misconceptions and lies about people like me. Over dramatic? I suppose you could think so now, but then again, you don't know. Perhaps I should enlighten you?

Very well, I'm homosexual, that's right…gay, faggot, whatever the hell you want to call it. I'm proud of what and who I am, it's other people that seem to have a problem with it, and I've been reminded far too many times as to what the consequences of prejudice are. But, I suppose that now, since my "true nature" has been revealed, and you haven't left in disgust, I could introduce myself. My name is David, not Dave, David.

So, do you want to know the real me? The part of me that everyone else sees before they find out? I'm an actor, a musician, and an artist…a man of society, philosophical and charismatic…well, at least that's what some people have said. I've never thought much of it, I guess I've never been able to see past what I think of myself. But, that's nothing important. I've probably put you to death with boredom, but hopefully you have stayed long enough to listen to my story…to what happened to me. Maybe you can learn from it, and then maybe you aren't that type of person.


It all started seven years ago, when I met him…the perfect boy…the most beautiful of God's creations. His name was Christian…he sang like an angel, his voice wasn't touched by the deep tones of puberty, it rang pure and high through the church that day…that long day. I remember it perfectly; his naturally curly hair framed his face in a crimson glow that accented his smooth pale skin and big dark eyes. His rosy lips were shaped like a cupid's little bow, so perfect were they. His body…was exquisite, lithe and agile, thin fingers that always felt cool to the touch, fingers that could dance through the keys on the piano, bringing forth the most beautiful, amazing sounds. Fingers that could alight fire on my body in their cool wake.

It's dizzying, this feeling I have now…I'm drowning in memories, memories too bittersweet to be real. He brought emotion forth in me of such intensity, such pure passion that I could have died in it's undying flame. Christian taught me the theater, the beauty of music and the sorrow of humanity. Through his words and actions I've created my own theories, thoughts…philosophies. I had become his student and he was my master. There was an unbreakable camaraderie between us, a passionate love, and an understanding. Many people have died before ever finding such a treasure. But, I suppose I should come away from my musings and explain what I've come to explain. As I said, it all began at church one day…

"Damn, this is boring…" I thought as the slow ticking of the clock seemed to grow louder in my ears. The priest's sermon had run over today, two hours three minutes and forty-five seconds, over the normal time to be exact. It was my first time back to the Cathedral in many weeks, I had found alternate things to do when I was suppose to be studying the Christ, but mother's prodding had brought me back to reality, and so there I was. Watching someone try and tell me how to live my life free of sin, and be pure. But, as I sat staring about the room in a stupefied delirium of boredom, trying to find something to occupy my mind, my eyes fell on the choir. Of course, I had seen the choir before; I enjoyed looking at them as a matter of fact. Seeing as it wasn't know that I preferred males to females, I could openly look at the rather attractive boys in the choir and pass it off as what it started as; boredom. But, today there was someone new. Of course at the time, I didn't know who he was, and I was intent on finding out. The sermon ended, my boredom having turned into anxiousness, and it was time to hear the closing hymns. My eyes never left the mysterious redhead, nor did my ears, and though I didn't know the words, I mouthed along to the songs, hearing only his crystalline voice. Once the final chord had been struck and the room turned into the chaos of leaving folk, I set my sights towards the new altar boy, walking towards him with leisurely purpose. But I found myself stalling. I didn't know what I was going to say to this heavenly descendent, never mind actually holding a conversation.

I made the last few steps anyway, saying the best lines that my overridden brain could produce:

"Hi, my names David."


This is the first time I've written a story with my own characters! I'm so excited. Well, I hope it turns out good. If you liked it, which I hope you did, please leave some sort of comment!