Bridge Between the Heart

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Chapter 1

Ever since I was young I wanted something more out of life. Something more than getting up at dawn, putting on clothes passed down by my mother, and going and mucking out the stables or feeding the pigs, or at harvesting times, going out with the men to the field and help with the threshing of the grain. It was not a farming life that I wanted, but it was one that I was born into, and 'by damned I was going to live it!' Or so I was, according to my father.
I found a way out when got older, around sixteen or so. My mother was birthing my next brother or sister and the midwife sent me out into the woods to find some herbs to make the baby come. I found them, but I had to bargain for them. Apparently, I had wandered onto fairy lands without being invited, and since I was taking something as well, I had to give them something in return for my intrusion and thievery. Oh give them something is just what I did, in fact, I still remember my bold words to this day.
" I will give you something greater to me than anything on this world." I said, drawing myself proudly and I saw them smile in anticipation, obviously expecting my first born child or a great heirloom of some kind as humans often gave to save themselves. But not me.
" I will give you myself."
They had drawn back in wonder at the words that had come from my mouth, but then crowded in around me, touching me with their slender hands, making sure that they even wanted me. When they were satisfied, one took my hand and made to lead me to the other side of the ring I had stumbled through, but I stood fast and shook my head.
" Give me five years to see my parents die and my sisters and brothers grow up." I pleaded, because I needed time to make sure that the farm wouldn't be left with nothing when I was gone. " What is five years to you?" I pleaded when they looked about to bolt with me. " A blink of an eye, maybe? You will have me soon enough, let me have my time while I still can."
Obviously, the sincerity of my words pleased them greatly and they nodded, each of the five kissing me on the cheek twice and walking through the door of light that they had called up. The last one, a tall male with flowing night black hair and eyes like a cat, turned and blew a kiss to me.
" Five years, as promised." He said in a voice that was deeper than I had expected from him. " Five years to the day."
I nodded to him, speechless as any mortal girl could be, and he turned away from me and trod through the door, leaving the world a dark and cold place again.
I ran home and gave the midwife the herbs, and sure enough, my mother birthed a healthy set of twins, both big, clean, squalling boys. I made sure that she was comfortable in every sense, becoming the very image of the daughter she had always wanted, and I kept that image up for the next five years. It pleased my parents to see that I had given up my rebellious nature for the sake of the farm, and they even went so far as to arrange a marriage for me.
Now, of course they didn't plan on arranging a marriage for me until the twins had grown and I wasn't needed to watch them every moment of their waking lives, which meant that it was near the end of the five years that the elves had promised me that the marriage was arranged. And with just my luck, I managed to fall in love with him. Damn. Because I knew my time was short, I managed to get him to admit feelings for me before the wedding and we became the perfect spectacle of an engaged couple, that is, in public.
At night we would steal away to the glade where the elves found me, but I made sure not to cross the ring again in fear of summoning them early. We made love all night long and walked back to the village, hand in hand until we had to part our ways and go back to our parents. We were truly in love, and so I was made to regret making that promise to the elves, but not for long.
When they came to me, or rather, I went to the ring and stepped through, and sure as I was human, they appeared. I was ready for them, with a bag full of small items that meant a lot to me and a few items of clothing. Of course, I had wrapped my hair with a red ribbon and put on the nicest dress and the only pieces of jewelry that I had.
The one that had spoken to me that one time took my hand and drew me to them, telling me that I would need none of the things that I had brought, but I shook my head and kept them, and he had let me. I smiled up at them and told them that I was here for what I had promised those years ago, that they could take me with them. And take me they did, to their world beyond the veil separating the mortal and fairy worlds.
I have been with them for five years now. Terrin, the male that spoke to me, has claimed me as his companion, and so have many others, though not of the extent that Terrin has. I share a few beds, and many hearts, but Terrin comes first always and ever and everyone knows it. I am happy here, happier than I ever thought I could be in any place I would think of going, but something in my mortal heart has been yearning for home.
It is a dangerous feeling indeed.

" Andra, is there something wrong?" Terrin's soft voice floated across her consciousness and her eyes snapped open, alighting on the slim form that was her elfin lover.
She shook her head and held her hand out to him, and he took it, kissing each and every finger and caressing her palm with his thumb. " You are lovely today." He said, staring deep into her eyes with his own.
Andra rose and raised herself up so that she was a bit closer to him. " You say that every day, love." She said with a blush to her cheeks and a smile on her lips.
" That is because it is true, and has been since all the years that you have been here." Terrin said, sweeping aside his long tunic front so that he could seat himself more comfortably.
He sat, drawing Andra into his lap and wrapping his arms around her waist, laying his face on the top of her breasts. " You looked like there was something amiss when I came into the room." It was not a question now, but something akin to an order to tell him.
" Aye, something is troubling me." She laid her hand on his ebon head and wrapped one of her arms around his shoulders, stroking his cheek with the other hand. " I've been dreaming of home again."
The words fell into a strained silence, and Andra wished that she had not spoken at all. But then again, when had there not been a time that she had stuck her foot in her mouth? She sighed and waited for Terrin to say something. He tapped her hand, a sign that he was getting up and she stood so that he could as well. He took her hands in his own white ones, clasping tightly.
" I am taking you to the king, and you may request of him anything to make you stop dreaming of home." His words shook Andra and she stared at him with widened lazuline eyes. " Don't you understand Andra?"
She shook her head, not trusting her mouth at the moment, since it was that which had gotten her into this whole mess. Terrin released her hands and drew her to him in a sudden movement that pressed her cheek into the scratchy embroidery on his tunic. His hands stroked themselves down her braid twined with pearls and garnets, fixing themselves around her waist and his mouth pressed fervent kisses to the top her head.
" Andra, I have had you by my side for the last five years, and before that, five years I spent yearning for you. I do not want to loose you." The last words were fierce and he tightened his hold on her waist when he said them.
" Terrin," Andra brought her hands up from his chest and held his face in them, brushing her thumb against each high cheekbone. He leaned into the caresses like a cat, and Andra had suspected on many occasions that if he had the right voice structure, he would be purring at moments like this. " I don't want to leave you at all. Just because I dream of home does not mean that I want to go back. Perhaps it means that people there are dreaming of me, missing me. I just want a chance to go back and see them for a few days, if that is all right with you."
" I would readily give you whatever you wanted, if it were my choice, but it is not. You must ask the king himself if you can leave, because you may be able to come in without his saying, but once you are here, you must ask him for leeway." Terrin said, capturing her hands and bringing them down to their sides. " And stop that torture before you undo me."
" You mean before you throw me onto the bed, you randy elf." Andra smiled.
It was one of the things about Terrin that she loved, that she could do things that seemed so simple and careless to him and they drove him crazy with lust for her. Other people did it, his mother did it to comfort him, but only Andra could inspire feelings like that in him.
" So I must go to the king and ask him?" Andra asked lightly, and Terrin nodded. " It does not sound like an easy task, but I will do it."
" That's my girl." Terrin said low in his throat as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, heading to the door that led to their bedroom.
Andra smiled to herself and let her be carried. At least she didn't have to walk to it.