My world is mine
It keeps me safe
It keeps me hidden
It keeps me...from my life

Six billion roam the street
Why the hell am I different?

Light to help me see
Fire to keep me warm
Water to clench my thirst
And a pill to help my way

Family to be loved by
Bed to sleep all night
Food to stop the hunger
And a drink to wash it down

Make me go away
Wash away my life

Watch the people live
Think they got it good
You ain't got a clue

Made me fly away
To another world
Where there is no love
And I have no fears

It's my world
And it's not gonna change

I live in heaven
Every day and night

But my day will come
O' to soon
When I reach my real end

The day will come
I'll have none to love
But everything to fear

My life is over