Looking For Love
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Simon Nicholson was one of those guys
Who would really want to try
To do anything to win himself a date
With any girl who won't be able to hate
Him,no matter how hard he would try.

And day after day,he had gotten a big zero
For ever trying to be a romantic hero.
But that was until he had met Kimberly
Gayle,who was the most popular beauty
In the University of San Diego.

After they had looked at each other's
Eyes,Simon had made a connection with her.
And at first,everything was going okay
Within the City by the Bay.
But that was until he had seen another.

Her name was Crystal Wagner and
Her beauty was worth a hundred grand.
And so,after he had thought about it,
Simon had told Kimberly to forget it
And gone with the babe with the grand.