Of Aquarius lips,
freezing over;
With young sapphire eyes
that has seen the days of old,
To watch the world become
allegedly new and whole again.
Of burning frost
and rippling webs,
over the waters of stillness
And the arctic winds of silence.

Of wan flesh
freezing over;
His chilling face which stares
into the eyes beyond cold glass.
Soft as silk the ice freezing over;
She does not hold clemency
for those who desire her,
And she does not hold a reaction
for those who seek her presence.

Of an azure
satin dress freezing over;
Dragging as she
walks to him.
Far he traveled to her
like the faithful partisan
that he is.
He seeks, he reaches,
She takes his hand.
Her eyes adorned with stars
he sees, like a celestial being
She's a fallen from above.

The ice sovereign,
freezing over;
she takes her blade.
Sticks it into his heart,
where it belongs.
Lustful natures never
pierced her soul.
Neither will they do so
ever again.

She is Winter,
cold as frost,
trenchant through
soft emotions.
Forever to remain
in solitude within
her kingdom made of ice.