Our Little Journey

By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Jeff Moran and I've been one of personal aboard the Spartan Orbiting Space Station for at least ten years,after of which,I was suddenly being bored out of my mind and in need of returning home to the world that is my real home--the planet known as Earth.

And so,with the help of my fellow space station operator,Doctor Lisa Colvin,I was able to steal a shuttlepod from the space station's hanger bay and we both had zoomed away from the station,before they were able to stop us with a tractor beam and tow us back into it.

Halfway through our little journey,Lisa and I had looked into each other's eyes and saw the one thing between us known as true love.

And after I had placed the shuttlepod on automatic pilot,I've walked over to Lisa,placed a gentle hand on her cheek and gave her a deep and passionate kiss on the lips.

And while we were enjoying a few moments of erotica,the shuttlepod had kept on moving closer and closer to our final destination,which was the planet Earth.

Just then,while we were asleep in our naked arms from our erotic escapade,the shuttlepod has finally reached our homeworld.

But after we had woken up and looked at the Earth for the first time in ten years,we were shocked to discover that it had became nothing more than a burned out orbiting cinder.

And then,after I had placed my hand over my eyes and began to cry my eyes out,Lisa had placed her hand on my shoulder and let me know that even though we no longer have a homeworld to go to,she'll stay by my side no matter what happens.

And with that,we had began our new mission to explore the entire universe for a new home for ourselves--and at least,there's one good thing about it.

At least,we're no longer imprisoned within the Spartan Orbiting Space Station for the rest of our lives.