-My Dog, I Mean, I Ate My Homework-
I'll tell you a story
I'd never told anyone else.
But if I tell you,
Please keep it to yourself
And please do not tell your friends.
That'd be embarrassing.
Now, here it goes.
7:34 in the morning,
I was in my room,
Getting ready for school.
Then all of the sudden,
I felt hyper.
Like, I was on a sugar high.
How could I?
Must've been when I had too much cake this morning.
Hey, I couldn't help it.
I love cake!
I'd keep some in a fish tank,
If my parents would let me.
But no.
I started running around on all fours,
On the floor.
I was howling, sniffing.
And when I see
My backpack unzipped,
I ran over and pee
All over it.
Next, I got in my backpack.
Brought out my homework.
And started tearing it
Into little tiny pieces.
After, I looked at the clock.
It read 7:50.
Quickly, I ran out the front door
And ran as fast as I could to school.
I got to school and wasn't late yet.
I went to the teacher and said,
"I don't have my homework because my dog, I mean, I ate it."
I gave a thumbs up and winked one eye.
The end.
And who am I kidding?
Go ahead and tell your friends.
I don't care.
Because none of this never happened to me.
But I'd like to send this to all my friends,
And my favorite book, Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Oh, yeah, I'll make a mini video of this, also.
The very end.
And go head,
Tell your friends!