-Tornado In 1997-

"Have you ever been through a tornado?" I asked my friend. "I have. I was only nine years old. It was the year 1997. The year we lived in a trailer park, also" I added as I started to get the flashback of when the tornado hit:

My Dad looked out the window and said, "Looks like a storm's coming."

Ten minutes later, we saw the clouds spinning around in the sky. My Dad's eyes widen, "I think that's a tornado!"

All of us were getting worried, so we turned on the radio and listened. We heard that there was a tornado in the area. Quickly, we turned off the radio, got on our jackets, then I picked up my Chuckie doll off the floor, and headed out the door with my parents and brother. We ran to the car, got in, put on our seatbelts, and then we headed down the road as fast as we could (well, not that fast).

In the car, my brother was crying and I wasn't. I said to him, "Here. Want to hold Chuckie?" He just shook his head no.

We went to our grandma's friends house and stayed there until about until one hour. Then my uncle just came into the house, because he was at work. He said, "It hit the trailer park!"

We all were like, "No way! You're kidding!" We couldn't believe it.

My uncle's eyes widen, "No. I'm not kidding."

We went to the trailer park. I thought we wouldn't be able to get on the road, but all the stuff that the tornado trashed, wasn't on the road that much. It was clear a little. Our trailer was all right. It did not even get touched by the tornado, though the house next to us did. Our tree was down, too. Then my brother went, sat down on the porch, and started crying. It was sad for me, too. I didn't start crying, though I think I had got tears in my eyes. I bet everyone was sad, and not just my brother and I.

[Authors Note-Some quotes and parts that I couldn't remember, has been fictionized. And this was true; really happened.]