Chapter 1: Didi legs it

The running footsteps became louder. The young girl held her breath. She was hidden in a corner of an alley behind a dumpster. The heavy rainstorm had stopped and now it was only raining slightly. All her clothes were soaked and the cold winter breeze made her shiver violently. She heard the footsteps passing her and breathed a sigh of relief. Quickly she got up from behind the dumpster and started running in direction she just came from. Her chasers most have come to a dead end and turned because she heard one of them yell.

"There she is!"

She tried to run harder but there was no energy left in her body. She was so cold and she hadn't eaten in quite a while. She ran out of the alley into the deserted street, she crossed the street and she ran into another narrow alley, not giving her chasers the chance to close her in.

She heard faint music, becoming louder and louder as she ran. A hand grabbed her shoulder but she managed to shrug it off. She sprinted on the last energy she had and bumped into a young man with blond hair, he was probably in his mid-twenties.

"Help me, please!" she sobbed, "They want to hurt me."

She realised she was in the back alley of a nightclub and the people that stood there were club visitors, probably outside to have a smoke.

The blonde looked over the shoulder of the young girl to the group that stood in the alley the girl just came from. More curious bystanders approached to find out what was going on.

The leader of the group chasers looked at the people and then at the girl.

"This isn't over yet." He informed the girl in a cold threatening tone before the group turned around and walked away.

"Are you ok?" the blonde asked the girl.

The girl nodded. The blonde touched her arm.

"Who were they?" The girl shrugged.

"I dunno. They just attacked me as I was heading home." Her voice was slightly British.

"A girl like you shouldn't be walking alone at this hour."

She shivered.

"You are completely soaked. You must be freezing your ass off."

The girl offered him a small smile. "Pretty much."

The man looked thoughtful for a moment.

"You know what, my house is just around the corner. We should get you some dry clothes and then call the police to report this."

She looked at him warily. He put his hands up in mock surrender.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I promise."

"Okay" she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"What's your name?"


"That's an unusual name. I'm Ryan."

The two walked to Ryan's house in silence. He opened the door and walked in. He turned around and saw the girl hesitating.

"C'mon. Get in."

The girl did as told.

"Do you want something to eat?"

The girl grinned. "Yes, please."

Ryan opened the fridge. The girl approached him from behind.

She grabbed his neck and with an incredible force she slammed Ryan's face in the fridge door. That caught him off guard for a moment. In a flash, she had him pinned face-first against the cold fridge, an arm held painfully behind his back. Fangs suddenly grew out of the corners of her mouth, like the nails of a cat. She wasted no time and sank her fangs deeply into Ryan's throat. Ryan screamed in pain and utter horror as the girl drank his blood greedily.

His struggles to free himself from her deadly embrace were fruitless. Soon his body became limp and his struggles and cries for help stopped. The girl carelessly dropped his lifeless body on the ground. It fell with a thud. With the back of her hand she whipped her mouth clean. She smirked and looked down at Ryan.

"Thanks for the dinner, mate. I'm feeling much better already."


She checked her reflection in the mirror. These new clothes fitted perfectly. She considered dumping that Ryan guy's body and move in but thought the better of it. She should to leave this town as soon as possible. When she arrived here it looked like perfect town, no other vampires and lots of fools to feed from. Unfortunately they weren't as foolish as she expected them to be. In fact, she soon found out that a group of vampire hunters were located here. And she hated to admit this, but they were good fighters, well informed about vamps and they had the right equipment.

Now, a few hunters wouldn't be a problem for her. Hell, she could take four or five if they attacked her all at the same time. She'd kill them in an instant. But seven had been too much to handle, especially seven very good ones. And they played it nasty. It wasn't a man-to-man fight or a girl-to-a group fight to be more precisely. No, this guys were sneaky bastards, brining in guns and fire blazers so they didn't even have to come near her to eliminate her. She fought them several times but she hadn't stood a chance. She'd barely escaped this time. Running away instead of fighting wasn't really her style, but she had more important things to do. She had other priorities and not a lot of time left. If she was done with those she might come back here to finish these hunters off one by one. She was already looking forward to it.

She brushed her hair and went downstairs. She searched the house, opening drawers until she found what she was looking for: Ryan's wallet. She took all the bills out, counting them. It was about 300 bucks. Not much, but oh well, it will do. She didn't need a lot of money. She hardly ever paid for anything. Her food was for free, if she needed something from a store she simply killed the clerk and if she needed a place to stay, she just asked the local vamps if so could stay in their lair, find an empty building or kill the owner from a house that was to her likings. As long as the place didn't have a lot of windows it was fine by her.

She went outside, not even bothering to close the front door. She needed to find a crossroad with traffic lights. After twenty minutes walking she found one. She leaned against a streetlight, stuffing her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket, waiting. The yellow/orange streetlights making the water on the street look black and creating a mysterious atmosphere. It was freezing, the air before her mouth condensed.

After three minutes a car came in sight. Didi looked up at the traffic light. It was red.

Now be a good lil' citizen and stop for the red light.

It did.

As she strolled towards the car she mentally noted to get some other clothes. She preferred to dress all black but it would only make hunting harder. She was well aware of the fact that her appearance wouldn't frighten anyone. Her face was too harmless looking for that. If she wore though looking clothes people would get suspicious and she would stand out too much. Not really handy if you wanted to blend in with the crowd. No matter how much she hated it, she needed to wear clothes that humans would expect her to wear. Black leather didn't fit into that category, much to her disdain.

She walked to the driver's side of the car and softly ticked against the window.

She had purposely chosen to wait by the streetlights. Already making her presence known. Somehow people trusted you more if you stood in the light. Of course it was all rot. Like a person with evil intensions was scared of a bit of light.

The driver, a woman in her forties, rolled down the window. Didi leaned down, making eye contact and smiling gently.

"Excuse me, ma'am, I don't mean to harass you but I'm in trouble and I could really use your help." Her big blue eyes wide and innocent looked pleadingly at the woman.

The woman frowned. She took a good look at the girl. The girl was not very tall. Not really pretty, but not ugly either. She had long hair, falling past her shoulders. It was hard to tell in the dark but she had light hair. Probably dirty blonde. Oval formed face, blue eyes and a rather big nose. She looked like she was about 14 or 15 years old. What was a girl like her doing here in the middle of the night?

"Are you ok? How can I help you?"

Didi grinned. This was working out perfectly.

"I'm going to take your car for a while. You don't mind, do you?" She asked the woman in a neutral tone, like she asked something that was completely normal to ask.

The woman started to protest but Didi had already unlocked the door and roughly pulled the woman out of the vehicle. Her nails scratched over the woman's face, drawing blood. Didi licked the blood from under her fingernails. The woman looked at her in pure disbelief.

"Very tasty." Didi said, smirking, "I already ate but a snack wouldn't hurt…"

She punched the woman in the stomach, knocking the air out of her. The woman doubled over, clutching her stomach and howling in pain. Didi kicked the woman's legs, making her fall on her knees. Didi's arm reached out, grabbing a fist full of hair. She yanked the woman's head to the side, baring the throat. Hoisting her up a little, Didi leaned down and bit, her sharp fangs easily breaking the skin and her mouth filled itself with warm blood. After a few gulps she let go of the woman. Her victim tried to scramble away but Didi grabbed her chin, forcing the woman to look at her.

"What's your name?" Didi asked in a cold tone.

The woman's eyes were clouded with panic and she didn't answer. Didi growled, tightening her grip on the woman's chin.

"You'd better answer me. What's your name?"

"C-colleen, Colleen Jenkins"

"Well, Colleen Jenkins", Didi sneered, letting go of her chin, "I ask you one more time. Do you mind if I take your car?"

"No, no. Go ahead. You can take it." Colleen hastily replied, not wanting to make Didi angrier than she already was. She stood up, stumbling a little and backing off, holding her hands in front of her. Didi smiled but her eyes stayed cold, void from all emotions.

"That is really kind of you, Colleen."

And with that Didi lunged to Colleen and snapped her neck. There was a loud crack and Colleen's dead body fell in Didi's arms; a look of surprise plastered on her lifeless face. Didi dragged the body out of way and tossed it on the ground. Then she stepped into car, fastened her seatbelt and drove off in high speed. She glanced in the mirror and saw the profile of Colleen's body becoming smaller and smaller until it disappeared out of sight.