Chapter 4: Party people

A week later

Morgan adjusted her denim skirt feeling awkward. She was standing at the snack table, trying to look preoccupied. She looked around the room full of teenagers and spotted Lucy dancing with her new crush the "total hottie from bio class" Matt. Well, dancing wasn't really the right word to describe what those two were doing. Dry humping on the beat of the music was more like it. She saw how Lucy shook her pretty bleached blond hair and smiled seductively at Matt. Morgan looked away. Although the way Lucy danced made her sick in her stomach, Morgan secretly wished she could be more like Lucy. Confident, attractive.

Going to Alex his party was a mistake, Morgan decided. She felt out of place, just as she expected to be. Get rid of her 'loser' status? Ha! That's a laugh. If she got a complete personality change perhaps.

Morgan was so lost in thoughts that she didn't pay any attention to her surroundings. She crashed back into reality when an arm slung over her shoulders. She jumped in surprise.

"Hey baby" someone, a guy, slurred in her ear, "wanna dance?"

She quickly turned her head to look at him. He didn't have a familiar face, she had never seen him before. His breath smelled strongly of alcohol and his slightly bloodshot eyes looked at her questionly. She tried to shake his arm off but without success. He practically hung on her for support. He could hardly stand on his feet let alone dance.

"Um, I-I don't feel like dancing" she stammered, once again trying to shake him off.

Great, just great. I'm the support girl now. Literally. Not interesting enough to socialise with, but hey, if you are drunk I'm the perfect person to harass and use as wall to lean against.

The drunken teenager grinned at her.

"Why not?" He drawled, "It's fun. I'm a dancing machine."

Morgan frowned at the term 'dancing machine' He must be really REALLY far gone to come up with something like that.

The guy couldn't stand on his legs anymore and he fell on the floor, taking Morgan with him. She squeaked in surprise. She hurriedly crawled off him and looked around. It seemed like no one had noticed what happened. She looked down at the boy. His eyes were closed. Morgan paled. Was he...? Suddenly he let out a loud snore. Morgan sighed in relief.

"Um...yea...go rest here, dancing machine" she mumbled as she stood up.

Fresh air, I need fresh air.

She manoeuvred herself trough the crowd of people, occasionally bumping into someone. Ten "sorry's and excuse me's" later she stood outside. There was a swimming pool in the garden. She decided not to stand too closely to it. Otherwise some jerk might push her.

The garden wasn't as crowded as inside the house. There were only a few small groups scattered here and there. Smoking, talking, laughing. No one paid her any attention, thank god.

She shivered, it was a cold night and her miniskirt and top weren't giving her any warmth. She should have put on some decent jeans, but Lucy had talked her into wearing a miniskirt. Stupid idea. The skirt only made her feel more uncomfortable. She doubted if she could sit down properly in it.

"Well, well, well, check out the party girl." A voice sneered.

Morgan's head snapped up. She knew that voice. She saw the profile of a person near the bushes. She narrowed here eyes, trying to make out a face but without result. It was too dark.

A cigarette butt landed right in front of her feet. Morgan automatically did a step back. The person stepped forward, out of the shadows and Morgan could make out the face. It was the mystery girl.

Memories came crashing back. The whole –almost got whacked by a nut job then saved by psycho- experience that Morgan was so desperately trying to forget was clear and present nightmare again. One that you couldn't wake up from. Morgan felt like someone really heavy was sitting on her chest, making it hard to breathe.

While Morgan was getting awfully close to panic, the girl seemed completely at ease. She was casually leaning against a tree, observing Morgan. Her face was blank, avoid from all emotions.

"Uh...hi" Morgan said weakly.

It was silent, a painful silence. Morgan glanced around, looking if someone had noticed them. That wasn't case, no one was within hearing range.

"Are you an einzalgänger by choice or by default?" The girl asked, breaking the silence.

Morgan frowned in confusion

"Am I a what?"

"Do you like to be alone or are you so boring that no one likes to stick around?"

Morgan was about to reply but the girl continued.

"Throw a bunch of hormone bombs in a house, bring in the cheap booze and some crappy music and you have a teenage house party. Gotta love it. You know what I like most about this kind of parties?"

Morgan shook her head.

"The lack of alertness. Everyone is so busy getting fucked up that I can easily slaughter off ten people without anyone noticing."

"That's not funny." Morgan replied. Ironically enough she heard the laughter of some teens in the background.

The girl glared.

"I wasn't joking."

Morgan gulped.

I think criminally insane is an understatement. Is she serious or is she just trying to scare me?

Morgan did a step backwards, ready to turn and walk away. The girl was studying her nails she wasn't paying attention. Morgan cleared her throat.

"Uh listen...I think I should-"

The girl looked up and interrupted Morgan.

"I'm bored. Let's go."

She reached out her hand. Morgan's eyes widened.

She wants me to come with her?!

Morgan did another step backwards. She looked over her shoulder and saw to her own horror that the garden was deserted. Where did everybody go so fast?

"Um, I should go back.", she stammered, gesturing to the house, "Lucy is...maybe some other time, ok?"

The girl looked annoyed, she let her hand fall back to her side.

"Don't make me come and get you. I do enjoy a good chase but you wouldn't stand a chance."

Morgan decide to go for it, the house wasn't far away. If she could reach it, she was safe. She spun around and ran as fast as she could. She heard a noise behind her but didn't look over her shoulder. She figured that it would only slow her down. She saw the door handle. She reached for it when suddenly an arm wrapped itself around her waist. She yelped in surprise. She felt a sharp pain going trough her skull before it sliced its way trough her whole body.

She hit me!

And with that last thought her vision turned black.


I can't move

She tried to move her legs but no avail. She panicked and started to struggle. Was she paralysed? Morgan opened her eyes slowly. Her head was killing her. She moved her head and saw that she was tied up. One rope around her wrists and another around her ankles. She blinked.

"Huh." She muttered.

Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dark. She was lying on a thin mattress. It must be old because it smelled dusty. She started to get nervous. Where was she? The last thing she remembered was running away from that petite psycho girl. The girl must have knocked her out. How did that chick get so strong?

Morgan checked out her surroundings, it seemed like she was alone. It looked like a basement she was lying in. Near the ceiling were two small windows that offered some daylight. Other then that it was dark. The wall were made of grey cement, just like the floor. She could feel the cold floor trough the mattress.

It suddenly hit her that she was helpless and utterly alone. What did her kidnapper want from her? Would she come back or was Morgan left here to die? How long could a person survive without water? Morgan was close to freaking out, her breaths coming out in pants. She forced herself to relax. She tried to convince herself that there was no point in panicking, that it was just a waste of energy. She started to sing songs from when she was little to calm herself and kill the time.


Didi kicked against a garbage can in frustration. What was the hell was she thinking, locking that human girl in the basement? Why did she save that bird's life in the first place? She should have just let that dumb wannabe vampire hunter kill her off.

So why didn't she?

What made her come to the house to rescue the girl? What was so fucking special about that human? All Didi saw was a mousy American schoolgirl. A pathetic excuse for a human being. So why go to all the trouble to spare her? Was she getting soft? She was a vampire for christ sake! For decades she hadn't done anything else then slaughtering off everything that came in her path. And now look at her. First fleeing from those vampire hunters, then saving a bloody schoolgirl.

"You stupid cow" she muttered to herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by noises. Didi smirked. She had company. She could hear their heartbeats, their footsteps, their breaths. She could smell them too. Every human had their own unique smell. She immediately knew that three young men were around the corner and that she had never met them before.

Some distraction at last. This is gonna be...neat.

She walked on for about five minutes and then turned around the corner and there they were. Three street punks.

When they saw her they quickly blocked her path.

"You lost or something?" one of them asked.

This was a rhetorical question. What was really meant was 'you don't belong here.'

"Where you're from?"

As in, what gang do you belong to? Didi rolled her eyes.

"Excuse me, you're in my way" she said in a snobby tone.

The guys chuckled.

"Oh yeah? And what you're gonna do about it? Beat us up?"

They laughed out loud at the thought of a petite girl trying to beat them up. Didi was getting bored.

"No, of course I'm not gonna beat you guys up" she paused, "I'm going to kill you."

They stared at her for a second before bursting out in laughter again. She laughed with them for a moment before punching the guy standing right in front of her. Bloody streamed freely. Didi relished the smell. The victim stared at her in disbelief.

"My nose! The bitch broke my nose!" he screamed.

His two friends moved towards her.

"You're going down, bitch. Kiss your ass goodbye."

Didi grinned.



They'd beenno match at all for her.Didi was going trough their pockets in search of cash. She made a face. A total of seventeen bucks and a few coins? That's it? She had expected more. On her last victim she found a package of lucky strike cigarettes. That was at least something. Not her favourite brand, though.

She lit up and inhaled deeply. And then out of the blue a name popped up in her head.


Of course! Why didn't see think of that sonuvabitch sooner? She could sell the human girl to him. He would be grateful that she found him a fresh young victim and she would earn some money. Plus, she would prove to herself that she still was her bad old self.

Feeling extremely pleased with that thought she returned back to the house to see how her favourite schoolgirl was doing.