My Pain

My soul feels dark,
I feel the pain,
Why do they tease me?
Do they think it's a game?

It doesn't feel fun,
It doesn't feel nice,
My heart feels like,
A block of ice.

It won't thaw out,
It won't go away,
I know it will be there,
Day after day.

I've got a little bag,
Inside of me now,
It hides all my thoughts,
Where no one can prowl

It used to help me,
Every single day,
But now it's over flowing,
With things I have to say.

Most of them hate me,
I know that now,
It's hard to accept,
But I'll get through some how.

I wish they could see,
What there doing to me,
Tears of pain and sadness leak out again,
I wish they could understand my pain.

By: Siobhan

Date: ~2000-2001