Watch me mummy
Watch me swim,
Watch me dive,
In the deep end.

Watch me mummy,
I can splash,
Opps I feel in,
Ouch, back lash.

Watch me sink,
Watch the bubbles,
Watch my eyes,
No more cuddles.

Watch me mummy,
Watch me play,
Watch me laugh,
Watch me all day.

Watch me mummy,
Can you hear the Silence?
Mummy im a mermaid,
Are you frightened?

Watch me mummy,
I have no cares,
Mummy, look at me,
I'm unawares.

Watch me mummy,
Can you see the floats deflate?
Can you see my head bob under?
I'm sunk, out of the way.

Watch me mummy,
I'm a battle ship,
I've been hit by a bomb,
I must sink.

Watch me daddy,
I can hold my breathe,
Don't want to hold it to long,
Daddy, I'm fake dead!

Watch me sis,
I'm big like you,
I can do a bombie,
You do one to.

Watch me brother,
I can swim like you,
I want to be in the Olympics,
Come and swim to.

Watch me mummy,
Watch my last breathe,
I'm only a child,
I'm too young for death.

By Siobhan

Date: 11/January/2004