Ha ha, this is fun,
Don't you think?
Lets make a swerve,
Let's do some tricks!

Pass over that vodka,
Shit! Hit a cat!
Oh well doesn't matter,
Hey! Give that vodka back.

Ha ha! Your turn!
We don't have to stop,
Just climb over, hurry up!
I want some of that pot.

Turn up the music,
Shit! Look police,
Let's make a run for it,
There gonna freak!

Let's pick up some girls,
Ha ha, this is fun,
Hey look there's a few!
Shit! Hit and run.

This has been an awesome night!
Don't you all agree?
Oh shut up Phil!
Who cares that your car,
Has run into a tree.

Why doesn't anyone answer?
What are you all, deaf?
Hey dude, you got red stuff on ya.
Wonder why those girls left.

I want some of that vodka,
Why is the bottle smashed?
I can smell smoke,
Man are we trashed!

I'm getting short of breathe,
It has been a busy night,
Why don't you guys answer me?
Why is everything so light?

I can see red flickering,
Oh it's a fire,
I can't move,
Guys were are ya?!

Phil!? Marv?! John?!
Can you feel it too?
It's getting so hot,
What do we do?

All is dark,
Mates, I did care,
It's only now,
That I've become aware.

I'm sorry we did drink,
But my life is leaving to,
You guys left long ago,
It's now I who must move.

I need a drink of water,
I'm chocking I am sure,
I'm bleeding from unknown places,
I wish I'd obeyed the law.

My hair is matted with sweat and blood,
And my friend's eyes stare at me,
They are all so painfully blank,
What a wasted way to go free.

My flesh is burning,
The air is getting tight,
It's a pity we had to go,
On such a lonesome night.

By Siobhan
Date: 11/January/2004