I don't want to feel this way anymore,
Why must I be sad?
Why can't I just ignore it?
Ignore it all and stay mad?

But anger only leads to madness,
Drowning in a sea of pain.
I can look all around me,
But nothing would help me gain.

I am stuck in the downward spiral,
With no hope to my eye.
The only thing I can do is sit,
Sit down and begin to cry.

But even tears sting with fury,
Coursing down a pale cheek.
I must stop crying now,
I must find the answer that I seek.

I look to the sky, heaven's gate,
I see my happiness float by.
Why am I doomed to depression?
In this way, was I meant to die?

But I look to the world around me,
Glistening tears begin to slow.
I see the hope in their eyes,
The reason why they go.

They all have such bright dreams,
Dreams written in brilliant gold.
I wonder how they escape the sadness,
Escape joining the dark fold.

But before I can wonder too long,
One reaches out and touches me.
Wiping my tears away,
She helps me to finally see.

I can have dreams too,
Dreams in the sky adorn.
I can put away my fears,
And no longer be forlorn.

This is now my world,
To create as I wish.
I only hope to live,
Live with nothing to miss.