Spirit Of The Bear

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Sunday,January the 11th,when a beautiful CEO named Kimberly Dunbar had drove all the way to a cabin somewhere within the Colorado Rockies to visit her best friend,an artist named Laura Ryan,who had just rented the cabin to work on her latest masterpiece.

As soon as she had pulled into the driveway and gotten out of the car,Kimberly had let out a smile,for she has spotted her good friend carrying firewood up to the cabin.

"Hey,Stranger!It looks like you could use some help with all of that firewood!",said Kimberly,while she was walking towards Laura."Mind if I give you a hand?"

And then,after she had noticed that Kimberly had finally arrived,a smiling Laura had let out a sigh and answered,"Well,it's about time that you've got here.I bet that getting through all that traffic on the way up here was a real pain in the butt."

Then,after the two friends had shared a good laugh between them and walked into the cabin,Kimberly had suddenly spotted a bear skin rug on the living room floor.

"Say,Laura.Where did you get that rug from?",asked a curious Kimberly."It looks like something that had came off of a brown bear or something like that."

"Well,Kimmy.I really don't know where it came from.",answered Laura,while she was scratching the back of her head."You see,as soon as I've just moved into this cabin,a nice old indian gentleman had walked in,placed the rug on the floor and walked out.I've just suddenly figured that it was some sort of house warming gift."

But then,just as Kimberly was about to ask her more about the old indian,the phone rang and Laura had ran to answer it.

And while Laura was on the phone,Kimberly had gave the rug a good hard look--and something about it has caused her to feel a series of hot flashes flow all over her body.

Then suddenly,after she had felt someone placing a hand on her shoulder,a shocked Kimberly had turned around and was relieved to notice that it was Laura,who had then asked her good buddy,"Kimmy,are you okay?"

"Yes,Laura.I'm okay.",answered Kimberly,after she had taken a deep breath."It's just that I'm tired from all that traveling,that's all."

Sometime later,after Laura had gone back to New York City to attend the grand opening of her friend's art exhibit at a posh art gallery and left the cabin in her good friend's hands,Kimberly had finished eating her dinner,walked up to her room,changed into her nightgown and gone to sleep.

Only a few minutes later,Kimberly was suddenly woken up by a strange sensation that was making her get out of bed and walk downstairs to the living room,where that same bear rug was still laying on the floor.

And after she had looked at it for about a minute or two,Kimberly had removed her nightgown and underwear,placed her nude body on the bear skin rug and suddenly began to feel the rug's sudden warmth flow all over her bare skin.

Then suddenly,after a sudden breeze had forced the cabin door open and a nude stranger had walked into the room,Kimberly's first inital instinct was to run and hide.

But that was before the stranger had raised his hand towards her and said,"No.You don't need to be afraid of me.You see,the bear skin is mine and the old man had placed me here so that I would be able to recieve a mate.Please stay with me.I don't wish to live my cursed life alone."

And then,after she had realized how lonely the poor man was,an understanding Kimberly had let out a smile and asked him to join her on the rug.

And while they were enjoying themselves within a warm and passionate embrace,a glow of light had suddenly appeared and engulfed the entire room.

On Sunday,January the 18th,Laura had returned to the cabin with hopes of asking Kimberly to pose for her latest artwork,only to discover that as soon as she had arrived,both Kimberly and the bear skin rug were no longer in the cabin.

She had ran back outside and called for her,but she was nowhere to be found,for the spirit of the bear has chosen a new mate.