In the shallows of our shadows hollow voices ring hallows
A raven, a dove, the push, the shove of 2 loving sparrows
Her lips, my chest, her hips, her breasts, and we undress
City lights, guilty heights, the best sex, captured in caress
Making, breaking, this shaking let us go and awaken it
Waking, taking, a mistake? What if you were faking it?
Falling off track, got you back, never again be busted
Lust, love rusted, broken once, broken twice, trusted
Again your love received, how long until you leave?
I don't believe you, trust this time you'll be deceived
I will again lift you, not let you go adrift and crash
Swift, shower you with gifts, but get the last laugh
Bought you, thought of you, held you flaunting
Shot for you, got caught in you; still haunting
Memories not jaded, things I contemplated
You must love it, playing me, bitch I hate it

You said will it work this time?
I said listen baby we'll make it
Haha, I got your love now but
It's only to fucking break it