Author's Notes: Written for English. An interesting little sonnet. Had to
rewrite it though...originally it had only ten lines...=^^=;; Anyway,
here. All mine. No takie.
Yes, this is a kitsune I'm referring to. Whee.

Fox Spirit's Passing

The life my nine tails show proves a burden
That even I cannot uphold. That I
Am tired makes for a thick, black curtain
That obscures my gold treasure from my eye.
How she runs and how she flies to the clouds
O'er mountain peaks and shimmering lakes...
Once the sight would make my weary heart proud,
Were it not for the Lady my life take.
As days go on, my life wears thin, and then,
Nine centuries, to my wife's tails' worth,
I will finally go on, and ascend.
I will leave this place, leave this mortal earth.
She lives on whilst I pass on to gods' plane,
Mourning my golden pelt with tears like rain.