Fly Away From You

By Carter Tachikawa

(Happy birthday to me! Yay, I turned the useless age of 22. Anyway, here's a song to celebrate. I've gotten into metal music so I thought I'd try a metal song.)

In this world, I had you
I found you in the snow, cold and tired
And I took you home with me

My hand is caked with your promise
My soul gave you air to breathe
I would do anything for you
And still, you broke away from me
You smelled like burning incense
You tasted like honey and wine
Yet you pulled your arms off me
Took a step back and drew the line


And I will fly away
Invisible to your eyes
I'll soar through the clouds
Rest with stars in the sky
I'll watch you
Walk away from me
Going to a magic place
Where I can't be
And I will fly away
I will fly away from you

Your face was tragic and soaked
Your heart trembled in fear
The silence felt like your death
Would, at any moment, appear
But I couldn't let this happen
I watched your tears fall
And I chose to say goodbye
I chose to fly and forget it all


I took off with a goodbye
One day, we'll meet on the other side
But until then, time on earth will fly
Time will ignore salted tears you cry

Flown away, into the light
Flown away, be one with the night
Adieu, I've chosen to take flight
And drift far out of your sight


I have come to accept the worst
There's no escape from it
When the sun sets and darkness falls
I'll go on without you

* * *

Copyright 2004: Carter Tachikawa

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