Promiscuous sunset surrendering another day
Apollo's chariot ablaze; the gentle sways of the sun's rays
Your wrath is scattered on my path but your warmth carries me away
Mountainous terrain yet I still ascend to your pedestal of July rain

Golden woven hues of those chosen melt our ice, which once was frozen
Your holding a moment stolen of mine but time can't be broken
Your eccentric touch electric; I circle you, our dance concentric
The sun kissed lesson you taught me then, sticks: trusted egocentric

Feign going against the grain, fallen waterfalls and desolate deserts drain
The fluidity of life; masked to be mundane as the cocaine filters through
my vein
Mint juleps in the breeze the ease in which the mist formed between our two
Intangible and fleeting silence in our breathing: a garden of ambrosia and

Parallel in our existence and yet we touch reminiscent of our distance
I was persistent and you resistant but nothing else in our lives was this
Steady insistent light of distant stars; I wish upon what you were and what
we are
We are grains of sand on a beach falling one by one in an ocean inside a

Firefly midnight when pink and orange turn to purple blackness
The skylight of twilight blood red bleeding symbol of love; who can attack
Noon's brightness, and despite my lack of armor I still protected my honor
I will never again wait for you
Sunrise dusk white dove trust, love lost to lust but I will not harbor any
hate for you.