The real me

There are no words to describe the anger I feel inside
But it's only fueled my hunger to live life rather than suicide
And that's a coward's way out; to cry, give up, and die
Since I could remember I've been so overprotected
I don't know how to be independent; to act like a man respected
Not being allowed to do what I want to do and go where I'm taken
Feeling so broken I'm breaking and rather choking I'm shaking
But being restricted by strict parents made me opportunistic
I would go where I want when I want though everytime I risked it
Being caught would have led to the rest of my days slowly decaying
"Listen to what where were saying" but I'm a recalcitrant so I'm always
Being so locked up and isolated made me take the system I so detested and
test it
Drank and did drugs almost got expelled and arrested
Got into fights and relationships but never let an emotional sound out
I don't know how I got away with it but they never found out
And still as I grow older their putting more of a burden on my shoulders
But not letting me doing things like hanging out with girls or going to
I live day to day dreaming about growing up, being established and living
And it's tragic they still want me to have an arranged marriage
Loving this country of opportunity but still you hate it
A product of pop culture maybe I'm jaded or just assimilated
To much sexuality on TV and violence everyday
I don't blame them they don't know any other way
Listen parents I understand your reasons
But as the seasons grow older you believing me is just deceiving
You can't stop me from breathing; love, your only son
I'll do what I want to do and for you not to see it makes you the naive one